Hair Styling

move hair art
move shave art
hair styling(jura)
iron curls
saree draping
blow dry with wash


herbal fruits
lustre gold
chocolate glow
aloevera glow
diamond glow
instant glow
skin lightening
organic detoxifine
deep sea butter
anti blamishesh

Special facials & treatments

O3+ Skin tightening
skin whitening
Acne treatment with ozone
luxury diamond glow facial
luxury gold


Plain Bleach
Fruit Bleach
Gold Bleach
D-tan Bleach
OXy bleach
D-tan Pack
Hand Bleach
Leg Bleach
Neck & Back
Full Body

Hair coloring

Global Colour men
Global colour women
women(below shoulder length)
up to waist
root touch-up men
root touch-up women
hair highlighting
below shoulder length
up to waist
henna for men
henna for women

Hair treatment

hair spa men
hair spa women
hair spa with power dose for men
hair spa with power does for women
hair oiling
deep conditioning
dandruff treatment

Hair essentials

hair Cut (men)
hair Cut (women)
child (below 12 years girl)
child (below 12 years boy)
shampoo with conditioner

Hair Straightening / rebonding

rebonding / Straightening
hair Perming
up to shoulder length perming
up to waist

Body essentials

menicure herbal
herbal pedicure
deluxe manicure
deluxe pedicure
french manicure
french pedicure
Aroma manicure
aroma pedicure
manicure spa
pedicure spa
cut file & polish
change of polishing
body polishing
body massage


eye brows
Upper Lip
Full face


half arms
full arms
under arms
half leg
full leg
full Body
full face waxing

international Wax

Full arms
full legs
under arms
half leg
full body
full face waxing

make -up

simple make up
party make up
bridal make up
engagement make up
groom Make up

Only for men

shaving beard
mustache trim
groom make up

pre bridal package

full body waxing
full face threading
manicure / pedicure
hair spa
organic facial make up

wedding day package

bridal make up
reception make up
simple make up

Package for one year